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Q:How to get the header text of a row in HTML table?In HTML, is there a way to get the header text of the table?Let's say, we have header textcontentI would like to be able to get the header text "header text" from the td of this table. Thanks in advance!A:Using jquery in JSfiddle$('table tr').eq(0).children('th').text();Or as comments say, select tr:first and then th:first:$('tr:first th:first').text();Or as some suggest, use first() as gimbalwasp suggested:$('table tr:first').children('th:first').text();Tehran, Jan 21, IRNA - Head of Iran’s pro-reform group, President Mohammad Khatami, warned the theorethical lecturers of the leading universities against having a negative impact on the nation in any way.“I hope those lecturers will not be the reason of growing social, cultural, political, civil and educational problems in the country,” said Khatami in the speech delivered in the fourth conference of the Institute of Economic Research in Tehran.“Surely you must be aware of the respect due to you in Iran and you must believe that ‘the high are not higher than the others, nor the low lower than the others.’”“You must know that the welfare of Iranian people and the progress of our country depend on the welfare and progress of those lecturers,” he said.There are many obstacles facing the lecturers in Iran, Khatami noted.He referred to the psychological and psychological problems such as fear, discontent and low self-esteem, which they face.The present invention relates to containers, especially those intended for food items such as snacks and beverages, and more particularly to a method and an apparatus for use in the production of plastic food containers, especially for food items such as snacks and beverages.Many products that are available today in food containers such as take-out food, food for on-premises consumption, and food for consumer 08929e5ed8

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