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Dark Energy is a science-based upgraded version of our previous Dark Matter & Dark Matter Pro lash adhesives. Our lab tests have proven that it’s excellent!

Dark Energy is an oil-proof lash adhesive that cures in less than a second and works virtually in any temperature and humidity.

Dark Energy grants you the best retention, and the super-low fumes keep your customers’ eyes healthy and happy.

The glue dot stays fresh for up to five hours!

We recommend using Dark Energy with Ruthie Belle's Easy Wrap Primer or Superdry Primer.

NB! Dark Energy is heat-sensitive! Please choose the fastest shipping method to prevent the product from heat damage!


- The glue dot stays fresh for up to five hours. Your work becomes more efficient! No more need to interrupt your lash treatment to change the glue dot.
- Dark Energy works in a vast humidity range from 20 to 90%.
- You can use Dark Energy in a temperature range from 16°C to 39°C (61°F to 102°F).
- Dark Energy cures in less than a second, and its oil-resistant formula offers incredible retention.
- The low fumes keep you and your customers’ eyes healthy and happy.


- Use Dark Energy only on plastic surfaces
- The shelf life is six months
- Use within three months after opening
- Cruelty-free
- Latex free
- Vegan
- Manufactured in the EU by EU regulations


Dark Energy Adhesive

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